The SafeWeigh Radiation Detection System rapidly detects any traces of radiation in vehicle loads entering or leaving industrial sites.

radiation detection system

Radiation Detection Systems – Ensuring safety at sites

The SafeWeigh Radiation Detection System is specifically designed for the rapid detection of traces of radiation in vehicle loads entering or leaving industrial sites, scrap yards, steel plants, ports and terminals.

As more and more materials are recycled and as waste sources become more complex and diverse on an international basis, there is a growing need to monitor waste material for traces of radiation before it is reprocessed or incinerated.

Protect your business by preventing any such material entering facilities and avoid the high costs of disposing contaminated material. The SafeWeigh Radiation Detection System also helps ensure site health and safety requirements are met.

Weighbridges are typically critical control points at these operations and therefore the ideal location for monitoring radiation. As the loaded vehicle passes through the sensitive radiation detector plates, positioned each side of the weighbridge, it is scanned for traces of radioactivity. The system can be programmed for specific radiation thresholds and if it determines that a radioactive source is present, either in the load or the vehicle, the system actuates an alarm to immediately notify site security.

The system provides a full radiation profile of the vehicle and its load. It is compatible with the Winweigh software and can also be linked to Weightron’s VisionWeigh automatic number plate recognition systems to capture vehicle identification.

The Safeweigh Radiation Detection System already has a proven track record at steel works, incineration plants, land fill sites, energy from waste (EFW) plants and waste reprocessing plants.