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radiation detection system

Weightron’s Safeweigh Radiation Detection system is already providing essential protection and ‘peace of mind’ for companies across a broad spectrum of industries where material is recycled, re-processed or incinerated.

We have a particular focus on radiation detection for scrap metal yards, scrap metal merchants, metal recyclers, steel plants and other metal recycling entities. As the steel industry struggles through this period of price related stress the need for efficient systems to save time and money whilst continuing to vigilantly monitor waste material leaving scrap metal yards is vital.

The Safeweigh system is designed to detect radiation sources in vehicles and rail trucks before they can cause catastrophic contamination. If undetected material is reprocessed in any way, the contamination problem is magnified many times. Fortunately incidents of contaminated material are relatively scarce, but just one undetected load can cause significant contamination that could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds or more to rectify in terms of plant down time and de-contamination procedures. In parallel, the risk of contamination incidents does little to help with public opinion towards recycling plants in their area. By preventing any contaminated material entering facilities and refusing to accept suspect vehicles, operators can protect themselves from these high costs, ensure site health and safety requirements are met, whilst maintaining good public relations.

The Safeweigh system consists of large rectangular radiation detection plates that are mounted opposite each other at a convenient location at the entrance to, or exit from the scrap metal site. In some sites, these are also installed at the exit point to provide belt and braces protection. As most, if not all, of these sites have weighbridges installed to weigh incoming and outgoing vehicles, the ideal location for the detector plates is at the entry to the weighbridge(s). This provides an integrated system that ensures all vehicles pass through the plates before being weighed.

The Weightron radiation detection system provides a radiation profile of the vehicle and its load as it drives slowly between the plates. The special radiation system software integrates directly with Weightron’s powerful Winweigh IV weighbridge software that can manage the entire weighing and vehicle management procedure. If the pre-set radiation threshold levels are exceeded, alarms will sound, traffic barriers can be locked if fitted and the vehicle can then be quarantined for further investigation. In such a vehicle management system, automatic number plate cameras add a further level of security.

It is clear that it is vitally important to be confident that any radiation detection system will work effectively when it’s needed. Weightron’s service department can provide a full calibration service for their radiation systems using a traceable gamma radiation source.