Weighbridge service calibration

 To find out how our weighbridge service calibration programmes for weighbridge and weighing equipment can benefit your company, contact our service department today.

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Maintaining the long-term accuracy of your weighbridge or industrial scale
is essential, especially if the equipment is ‘legal-for-trade’ approved.

Firstly, you have a legal obligation to ensure your scales meet the required accuracy levels (you can find out what these are by downloading our Guide to Self Verification in our technical document download section). Failure to comply can result in scales being removed from service by Trading Standards and leave users open to prosecution.

Secondly, inaccurate weighing equipment can result in either you losing revenue by supplying more product to your customer than you are charging them for, or supplying less than the required amount which is illegal and can affect relationships with your customers.

Thirdly, inaccurate vehicle scales (weighbridges) can result in vehicles being overloaded. Not only is this unsafe, but it causes unnecessary highway damage to roads and bridges and can result in drivers/operators receiving prosecution notices and  fines. Further information can be found in the Government document in our technical download section. 

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Alternatively visit the gov.uk web site

Software support

We offer full support for our extensive range of Winweigh weighbridge software and industrial weighing software.

Maintaining accuracy and reliability

It is also important to remember that having your weighing equipment regularly serviced and calibrated significantly reduces the possibility of unwanted and costly breakdowns. Weightron offer a full repair service for all types of weighbridge.

Static weighing scales (also known as non-automatic weighing machines or NAWIs) include weighbridges, floor scales, bench scales and gravimetric filling equipment. The rules governing this equipment are laid down in EN45501.

So how do you ensure your weighing equipment continues to meet accuracy requirements? The solution is very simple! Let Weightron look after your weighbridges and scales via one of our wide range of service & calibration contracts, specifically designed to meet your operational requirements. We carry out calibration and re-verification of scales and weighbridges in line with the UK Weighing Federation’s Calibration Code of Practice. A copy can be downloaded here.

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Note: The UKWF is the recognised national trade association for manufacturers, system integrators, distributors, repairers, installers and service organisations involved in the weighing industry.  It is the UK’s ‘centre of excellence’ for all aspects of weighing and  membership includes companies from all areas of weighing, including suppliers of equipment, components, instrumentation, software, services and systems. Members provide a highly professional service to their customers.