Weighing and recording waste streams in buildings and facilities

Weightron’s  waste weighing and management system has been specifically designed to weigh and manage multi-waste streams at a wide range of buildings and facilities including office blocks, tenement buildings, hospitals, universities, retail parks, care homes, airports, rail networks, exhibition centres, markets, hotels and restaurants.

The system allows waste contractors, facilities management companies and landlords to:

  • Accurately record different waste streams e.g. paper, card, food, metals, plastics, ink, batteries, confidential waste etc
  • Charge individual tenants for the waste they produce
  • Improve recycling targets
  • Monitor onsite waste contamination
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Historically, within complex, multi-tenanted operations such as large office blocks, wholesale markets and shopping complexes, it has been all too easy for the collective rubbish to end up in large receptacles with no accountability for individual waste production. In parallel waste segregation has often been superficial, resulting in a wide range of recyclable waste going to land fill.

The Challenge

It is recognised that the only fair way to manage waste in multi-stream environments is to charge for waste according to the amount and type produced by individual organisations, companies or people – colloquially known as ‘pay as you throw’. However without a structured system to implement pay as you throw schemes, managing the waste streams can be complex and generally off-putting to users. Without doubt the success of any such scheme depends on buy-in from all parties concerned and any system must be robust and very easy to use. (Putting out waste is often the last task of the working day, further adding to the importance of a simple system).

As pressure increases for companies to improve and optimise their waste recycling, specialist weighing technology is providing valuable tools that simplify the whole process in a wide range of commercial applications.

Not only is this providing important fiscal data for waste cost distribution, but there is also empirical evidence that recycling levels are increased when such systems are implemented.

The Solution

Leading industrial weighing specialists Weightron Bilanciai have extensive experience in waste management systems, working with leading waste management companies throughout the UK. The Weightron waste weighing & management system has been specifically developed to provide an easy-to-use waste weighing system that records comprehensive data on the different waste streams produced by the tenants in a wide range of environments. This information can be used to invoice individual tenants for their waste and provide data to ensure recycling levels are meeting legally-compliant targets. (In many instances planning permission for new buildings is dependent on the management companies ensuring an efficient recycling system is implemented that meets strict KPIs).

Typical Weightron System

At the heart of a typical  system are one or more weights and measures approved low profile LPS platform scales and Diade colour touch screen weight terminal running Weightron’s powerful and versatile Winweigh software. The software can link directly with proprietary waste management systems providing data for invoicing purposes.

Every waste bag collected throughout the building is labelled with a bar coded sticker. This barcode can contain information relating to the floor number, tenant and waste type. (Other identification technologies can be used such as RFID tags). The system can be programmed to identify multiple waste streams, such as paper and card, ink toner, oils and batteries, sanitary waste, food waste, confidential waste, medical waste, glass, plastics and metals. (Optional radiation detection systems can also be included to identify radioactive material before it goes into the recycling chain.) When the bags or containers reach the area where the main waste receptacles are housed, the operator (tenant) simply logs into the waste system, scans the barcode to capture the data and places each bag on the scale. This data, captured within Winweigh, is then used to provide detailed real time data on waste movement within the building together with analysis of waste production and recycling levels, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

FM managers and waste contractors can they issue fair and legal invoices to tenants for the waste they produce.

Clinical Waste

A special version of Weightron’s waste weighing system is designed specifically to manage clinical/medical waste in hospitals, care homes, doctors’ surgeries and medical centres. Radiation detection systems can be included as an optional extra to ensure radioactive waste does not enter the recycling chain.

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