Weightron offer a wide range of maintenance contracts for weighing equipment and systems to suit specific customer requirements

Men performing weighbridge calibration

Our weighbridge and weighing equipment service contracts are built around your exact requirements and may range from a simple annual calibration for a single scale, through to a site-wide contract for a diverse range of weighbridges, weighing equipment and instrumentation.We are certified for the self verification (SV) of weighbridges and scales, allowing us to carry out calibrations quickly and efficiently. Please note we can provide calibration, service and maintenance services for a wide range of weighbridges supplied by other manufacturers.

We are also a recognised UKAS Calibration Laboratory (No. 0780), allowing our engineers to carry out UKAS calibrations on a range of weighing scales.

Software Support

Modern weighbridge systems and weighing installations are becoming more and more reliant on integrated business-critical software. Our software packages are designed to provide the ultimate in versatility, integration and control. To ensure optimum operational functionality, we offer a comprehensive software support service with a dedicated support hotline operating 7 days a week.