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Large yellow weighbridge in steel factory

Three special Eurodeck steel weighbridges, supplied by Weightron Bilanciai, are playing an important role at Tata Steel’s new despatch warehouse at their speciality steels plant in Stocksbridge, Sheffield.

The 50 tonne capacity, 18 metre pit weighbridges have taken the place of two outdoor Avery weighbridges, which have been decommissioned having reached the end of their useful life. Two of the new weighbridges are located in tandem inside the warehouse, whilst the third is in an annex adjacent to the warehouse.

The complete weighbridge system includes large RD52 remote digital weight displays and office mounted D410 weight indicators for each weighbridge. The weight data management is controlled via Weightron’s versatile and powerful Winweigh IV weighbridge software, which provides a seamless interface with Tata Steel’s SAP management system.

The internal weighbridges are used for weighing trailers as they are loaded with speciality steels for both internal movement around the site and for external transportation to customers. The weight information cross-checks compliance with the weight data already recorded elsewhere in the plant and also ensures vehicles are not overloaded prior to despatch. The annex weighbridge is used for a wide range of through-traffic operations, including the weighing of incoming and outgoing alloys, recyclable metal and metals for re-melt at Tata Steel’s Rotherham and Stocksbridge sites.

The Eurodeck weighbridge design has an excellent reputation for strength and durability in such harsh operating environments and the weighbridge features a special restraint system to minimise the potentially damaging effects of heavy vehicle braking.  The close-coupled main structural beams, which support a robust durbar deck, run length ways in line with traffic flow and have sufficient depth so that they do not need stiffening plates. For this application, the deck plates have been upgraded by 40% to deal with the high load concentrations that can be experienced at the plant.

The Winweigh IV software is fully web-enabled and compatible with leading ERP, waste management and accounting software packages. It features powerful database capabilities and is fully configurable for each application.  A key advantage is that it can be used for the integration of weight data from weighbridges at both single and multiple sites located anywhere in the world. The software can be used to control a range of peripheral equipment including ANPR cameras, control barriers and radiation detection systems.

Tata Steel’s Paul Hinchliffe (Electrical services/ weigh-fitting engineer) said: “Accurate weighing, carried out efficiently and reliably, is a critical part of our operation for stock control and compliance purposes. The Weightron engineers have worked closely with our engineering team to ensure the installation was completed efficiently and on time. The overall weighbridge system integrates with our in-house software and has streamlined our material movement operations, providing important weight information.”

Footnote: Tata Steel speciality steels is focused on offering carbon, alloy and stainless steels designed to meet the needs of some of the world’s most demanding applications in markets ranging from aerospace to oil and gas, power generation to heavy good vehicles. All the speciality steel is produced via the Electric Arc (EAF) steelmaking route using 100% high quality scrap.

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