Weightron Bilanciai Ltd have established a complementary working relationship with Wheelwash Ltd.

  • Blue and yellow surface mounted weighbridge

Wheel Washers

From a logistical point of view it makes sense in many applications for weighbridges and wheel washing equipment to be located close to each other. Wheelwash  offer a range of solutions for the cleaning of industrial vehicles as they exit construction sites. As a requirement by law to prevent the spread of dirt and debris onto public highways, it is essential for industrial zones to have measures in place for the cleaning of wheels and site machinery.

 A variety of wheel washers are available to suit different site requirements. Ranging from wet spray units offering a comprehensive solution to difficult site conditions, to dry systems that require no water or mains power-a variety of options are available to provide the most effective cleaning method.

All Wheelwash systems are rugged and built to last, using high quality components and materials. A range of purchasing options are available to suit budgets, such as hire and refurbishment options and buyback opportunities. Tailor made systems can be designed to fulfil specific requirements, please contact Wheelwash to find out more about their range of flexible solutions.