The Weightron range of EHP crane scales, ancillary instrumentation and accessories have been designed for continuous operation in the toughest of industrial environments.

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Crane Scales built for harsh environments – unrivalled performance

Our crane scale products can be found operating in a diverse range of applications including foundries, smelting plants, off-shore installations and designated hazardous area applications (ATEX). Weights and measures approved versions (OIML R76) are available up to 3000 scale divisions (0.03% Error).

Developed and improved over several decades, these robust products provide optimum precision and reliability whatever your application. They are capable of withstanding unrivalled overload, shock, heat and vibration forces. (Special heat shields are available for high temperature applications.)

For weighing long loads, the LDN crane scale can be used in duplex mode. The master scale receives weighing data from the slave and then displays the combined weight of the object being weighed.

Extensive testing of the load cells and key components is carried out as part of the design process. Products can withstand interference from electrical and magnetic sources. The robust batteries provide operational periods ranging from 80 -120 hours depending on model.

Special mounting attachments, protective covers and hooks can be supplied for specific applications, together with mounting cradles for storage and transportation.

Weight Data Receiving Units

We also offer a wide range of robust wireless crane scale instrumentation for single and duplex applications. Large remote digital displays are also available. Hand-held remotes provide wireless control of the main weighing functions including printing on remote printer at distances up to 50 metres line of sight. 

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Contact us for help and advice in choosing the right crane scale for your application.

Please note that users of crane scales should comply with the necessary health and safety regulations for lifting and transporting suspended loads.

Weighing large/irregular loads

For weighing applications involving large structures where crane scales are not suitable, we offer a versatile portable weighing solution using high capacity calibrated load cells up to 600 tonnes capacity.

High Capacity Weighing

Model LDN Crane Scale Capacities 0.5 – 20 tonne OIML approved

Download LDN data sheet

Model LDN Crane Scale Capacities 0.25 – 5 tonne ATEX EEX version

Download LDN-ATEX data sheet

Model LK Crane Scale Capacities 1-100 tonne OIML approved (0-30 tonne)

Download LK data sheet

Model KGW Crane Scale  Capacities 1-100 tonne

Download KGW data sheet

Model KGY Crane Scale 2-50 tonne OIML Weights and Measures approved

Download KGY data sheet

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