Weightron offer a comprehensive range of weight indicators and touch screen terminals for a wide range of weighing applications, recipe formulation, multi-batching control and mixing.

  • Man touching touch screen of a Diade touch screen terminal

Our range of weighing instruments provide high reliability – high accuracy solutions for all aspects of weighing. Our products meet stringent legislative requirements including weights and measures (legal for trade) and ATEX hazardous area certification (selected models).

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The DD700 is our entry level weight indicator and provides a wealth of operational features. The range of standard and optional features provide a powerful, cost effective solution for a wide range of weighing applications. It is available in desk and wall-mount options.

DD700 overview

Diade – Next Generation Weight Terminals

The Diade series of weight terminal provides unrivalled control and versatility. The design features a colour touch screen operator interface and clear pictograms to guide the user through weighing operations. Versatile built in software makes programming specific weighing operations extremely straightforward. Here are our most popular models:

DD1010 series

The DD1010 and DD1010i provide a compact, cost effective desk or wall mounted (stainless steel) colour touch screen weight terminal, which can be programmed for a range of applications. The DD1010 series can be loaded with software designed for several applications, including:

  • vehicle weighing with integrated access control devices (Winweigh)
  • weighing with integration of automatic recognition devices
  • process control weighing operations

It is equipped with a robust 5.7″ touch-screen colour display, utilising LED TFT technology.

The intuitive  on-screen pictograms make the indicator easy to use allowing multiple functions to be immediately available at your fingertips, without the support of operating instructions.

External DD1010i overview Internal DD1010i overview


The DD1050 colour touch screen indicator provides a wealth of operational features that can be customised to suit specific weighbridge and weighing applications. The terminal is available in an IP68 version (DD1050i) for use in harsh environments

  • Robust 10″ colour touch screen
  • Can be used with Diade Connect software
  • Intuitive pictograms
  • Ideal for weighbridge upgrades

DD1050 overview DD1050i overview

Versatile weight indicator


The D450 is a versatile weight indicator featuring 18 keys for data entry and operation. The stainless steel enclosure and waterproof front membrane offer excellent sealing for use in wash down environments. There are also versions for multi-batching operations and use in ATEX Zone 22 applications.

Features include:

  • Weight display with digits of variable height (16/32 mm).
  • Weighing system auto-diagnostics function
  • “Auto-weight tare” function via key, serial channel or associated input
  • “Pre-set tare” function via keypad
  • Transmission of weight value and accessory data
  • Association of I/O and serial channels with most frequently used functions
  • Management of goods codes with associated alphanumeric description (max 20 characters)
  • Management of a general alphanumeric code
  • Multiple Tare management

D450 overview D450 Multi-batching D450 ATEX

Worldweigh weight indicators

E302 Weight Indicator

The E302 is a versatile weight indicator for a wide range of approved and non-approved weighing applications. The  rechargeable battery provides up to 90 hours continuous use, making it ideal for portable scale applications.

E302 Weight Indicator

E402 Weight Indicator

The E402 is a powerful, cost effective stainless steel weight terminal sealed to IP66. The E402 is housed in a stainless steel enclosure and offers IP66 protection, making it suitable for weighing in wash-down environments. the unit has a counting facility and also LED lights to indicate under/overweight for check weighing/yield control applications. The rechargeable battery gives up to 90 hours of continual use, making it ideal for mobile/portable applications.

E402 Weight Indicator


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