Weightron’s industrial waste management system is ideal for multi-stream recycling applications and also weighs waste in line with new MRF sampling regulations

  • Cardboard industrial waste tied up

Waste weighing scales and software management system

Weightron’s  waste weighing and management system has been specifically designed to weigh and manage multi-waste streams at a wide range of buildings and facilities including office blocks, tenement buildings, hospitals, universities, care homes, airports, rail stations, exhibition centres and restaurants.

The system is based on accurate weights and measures approved waste weighing scales, linked to Weightron’s Diade touch screen user weight terminal. The system is very easy to use and records the weights of specific waste such as card and paper, glass, food, metals, plastics and wood. The Diade terminal features clear pictograms of the different waste streams. The system interfaces directly with our Winweigh software and proprietary waste management systems.

The system is particularly ideal for facilities management companies and land lords.

Data can be imported into spread sheets and provides managers and owners with detailed information for charging clients/tenants as well as meeting governmental compliance requirements.

New Sampling and Testing Guidance for Materials Facilities (MFs)

The system is also ideal for MRFs who have to sample their waste in line with new regulationsThe Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 contain requirements for MFs to routinely sample and compositionally test their mixed material inputs (commingled waste) by individual supplier and their main outputs by material stream e.g. news and pamphlets, ordinary corrugated cardboard and mixed paper. The iWM system meets all these new requirements and is already being used  by waste companies to manage the comingled waste – contact us to find out more. 

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Managing medical waste

A special medical version of the iWM ensures critical medical waste is weighed and recorded.

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Radiation Detection

Weightron’s Safeweigh Radiation detection system can be included in systems to detect waste radioactive material before it enters the waste recycling chain.

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