Weighbridges are at the heart many construction projects, providing essential weight data on the movement of raw materials and equipment.

Lorry driving along quickly

Weightron work closely with leading construction contractors across the UK and the rest of the world. Installations may be for a few months or several years depending on the size of project. In addition to fixed installations, Weightron can supply semi-permanent and portable weighbridge installations either on hire or financed terms.

The accurate weighing of vehicles entering and leaving sites is vital for a number of fiscal and logistical reasons. It is important to measure the amount of materials entering sites so that invoices can be checked. Materials leaving site may be charged by weight if they are being recycled or sent to landfill. It is also vital to ensure vehicles leaving site are not over-loaded. This can result in high financial penalties and prosecution.

In addition complete weighbridge systems provide important vehicle management and control within the site. Our weighbridge systems can include driver-operated touch-screen terminals, traffic barriers and lights, security cameras, ANPR cameras and radiation detection systems.

News update

Weightron have become the first UK weighbridge manufacturer to meet new assessment criteria for structural steel work in accordance with EN 1090.

Following the formal assessment and certification by the Notified Body – Centre for Assessment Ltd*, Weightron Bilanciai Ltd are now authorised to issue declarations of performance certificates (CE Marking) with its structural steel work in line with the EN 1090 harmonised standard. The certification (Ref 14/3498) covers the company’s wide range of weighbridges and ancillary items, including ramps and instrumentation support structures.


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