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    Weighbridges & Industrial Scales

    Weightron is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of weighbridges, weighbridge systems and weighbridge software solutions. We also design and build driver-operated terminals, industrial weighing equipment, weighing scales, weight indicators, load cells, liquid filling systems and process weighing systems.

    Weighing Systems for Logistics

    Weighbridges for the Logistics Industry

    Our weighbridges are used extensively in the storage, handling and distribution of goods. We understand the importance of accurate vehicle weighing to ensure correct load distribution and avoid illegal and dangerous overloading. Our weighbridge systems are designed to speed up the weighing process and improve your efficiency.

    • Pit and surface models
    • Automated vehicle management systems
    • Powerful software that can integrate with your management system
    • Special low speed axle weighing software for use with pit weighbridges
    • Nationwide service and support

    Weighing Equipment for the Logistics Industry

    Today’s logistics network relies on the rapid movement of goods to and from strategic hubs across the UK. Weighing is an integral part of this process, providing critical data for financial and managerial purposes. Weightron offer a range of industrial scales and software, designed to streamline your operation.

    Our products include:

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