Weightron can design your complete liquid filling system including weigh scales, conveyors, drum handlers and container closers.

  • Barrels used for liquid filling systems

Liquid Filling Systems that meet your needs – precisely

The filling method is chosen to meet the specific properties of your products and options include bottom filling, sub-surface filling and top filling. At the centre of the gravimetric filling systems are Weightron’s proven stainless steel floor scales and bench scales. These offer excellent accuracy and reliability, even in the toughest of environments. Our range of high speed electronic weight terminals ensure rapid and accurate filling, taking into account ‘product in flight’. Weights and measures approved  and ATEX certified liquid filling systems are available.

We carry out pre-install trials on our liquid filling systems and because we can supply the complete filling solution, including in-feed and out-feed conveyors and mechanical handling equipment, we make sure your filling system will work from the outset and integrate with your existing plant.

The product range includes:

  • Automatic liquid filling systems
  • Semi-automatic liquid filling systems
  • Manual liquid filling machines
  • Weights and measures (legal for trade) approved systems
  • ATEX certified liquid filling systems for designated hazardous areas

The key to designing a successful liquid filling system begins with the initial client consultation to ensure all the original design parameters are clearly identified and laid down. Once clear guidelines have been agreed, Weightron produce detailed drawings and schematics. Once these are agreed the build-install procedure can take place.


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