The Weightron range of load cell mounting assemblies are ideally suited to a wide range of vessel, hopper and silo weighing applications.

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Accurate  silo and vessel weighing is essential for activities including stock control, batching and mixing (recipe formulation) and bulk outloading. The two main methods of measuring the amount of product in silos and vessels are weighing and level. Silo and vessel weighting is non-obtrusive method and provides the best accuracy. It is not affected by factors such as bulk density changes or surface topology within the vessel.

Our pre-calibrated load cell units are designed for ease of installation, whilst providing excellent system integrity. We also offer a wide range of complementary weight indicators, touch control recipe formulation and batching terminals and software for vessel weighing applications.

Our range of hazardous area (ATEX) load cells and instrumentation complete this comprehensive product offering.

However, a number of important factors must be considered when fitting load cells and expert advice is needed when designing weighing systems. Detailed background information can be obtained by reading the Institute of Measurement and Control document- A Guide to the Specification and Procurement of Process Weighing Systems. This can be downloaded from the Technical Weighing section of our Download Library.

Silo and vessel weighing applications can range from those involving small process reactor vessels up to high capacity (>200 tonne) storage silos. A wide range of factors can affect accuracy including force shunts, pipe work interaction, wind forces, pressure and temperature changes, vessel interaction (mechanical) and operational forces such as mixers and agitators. Accuracy is also directly dependent on the effectiveness of the calibration method (relating applied load to signal output).






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