SaphyGATE G is an advanced automatic radiological portal monitor for checking vehicle loads entering and leaving sites, scrap yards, steel plants, ports and terminals.

Weighbridge driving onto radiation detection system

Radiation Detection Systems – Ensuring safety at sites

Weightron has teamed up with Saphymo to create a range of state-of-the-art SaphyGATE G Radiation Detection Systems for checking vehicle loads.

Reaching high measurement performance and resisting demanding industrial conditions, these radiation detection systems are specially designed for detection of very low artificial and natural radioactive sources in truck, train and cargo loads. They also meets a complete range of recycling, steel or scrap, homeland-security and nuclear operator requirements.

Protect your business from contamination

As more and more materials are recycled, and as waste sources become more complex and diverse on an international basis, there is a growing need to monitor waste material for traces of radiation before it is reprocessed or incinerated. Protect your business by preventing any such material entering facilities and avoid the high costs of disposing contaminated material.

As the loaded vehicle passes through the sensitive radiation detector plates, positioned each side of the weighbridge, it is scanned for traces of radioactivity. The system can be programmed for specific radiation thresholds and if it determines that a radioactive source is present, either in the load or the vehicle, the system actuates an alarm to immediately notify site security.

Its smart algorithm tracks the background attenuation due to vehicle shielding in order to strongly reduce the false alarm rate. The association between high volume plastic scintillators, the spectrometry electronic board and the algorithm enable reliability and performance in alarm classification for the discrimination of natural and artificial radiation.

Meet health and safety requirements

The SaphyGATE G Radiation Detection Systems helps ensure site health and safety requirements are met. Weighbridges are typically critical control points at these operations and therefore the ideal location for monitoring radiation.

SaphyGATE G is especially recommended for the recycling and steel industry and border control facilities. It complies with the standard IEC 62022.


SaphyGATE G’s main features



• The new SaphyGATE G radiation portal monitor allows for the detection of any radioactive sources, even in case of low radiations. Its adaptive alarm threshold and alarm classification functions ensure the discrimination of natural and artificial radiation.
• The system can be displayed in 2 different configurations including multiple detectors depending on the customer needs. The new enhanced real-time gamma energy distribution algorithm ensures background compensation to provide better performances.
• The supervision software delivered on a central unit is composed of a windows MC PC and a colour touchscreen


• SaphyGATE G is based on an innovative algorithm, designed to compensate the background attenuation caused by the vehicle driving through. This feature allows to perform a better radiation detection with a lower false alarm rate compared to other systems, even in the case of small activity sources.

Ease of use:

• The specific design is adapted to facilitate maintenance operations (remote access with an internet connection), the intuitive touchscreen interface includes simple supervision software.


• The SaphyGATE G heavy duty, robust steel mounting column and cabinet make it resistant for use in the harshest of environments.
• SaphyGATE G includes high volume plastic scintillators detectors (PVT, 25L) providing high sensitivity. Its hermetic EMC shielded Aluminium box is protecting the detector to guarantee the robustness of the system (IP 65)

Optional features:

• Cable extender kit, a special module and cables for covering up to 300m of power supply and ethernet communication from the central unit to the detectors.
• External audio-visual alarm comprising of outdoor beacon/light for mounting on detector column.
• Outdoor traffic light, synchronized with the supervision software, with red and green light
• GSM/SMS module for alarm reporting by SMS
• IP Camera, outdoor camera for image acquisition of the controlled vehicle in day/night conditions

A unique optional feature – the BERTIN SaphyGATE G Alarm Classification Option

Unique optional feature added at the time of purchase of the system or for upgrading your existing Saphygate G system, which allows the real time classification of the alarm condition.
When the RPM detects an alarm, this is automatically classified by our special algorithm as
• Alarm
• Alarm-Artificial
• Alarm-Artificial-Industrial
• Alarm-Artificial-Medical

The alarm classification is a useful tool for the user, providing a real-time indication about the
possible causes, as well as a valid support for an easy and immediate management.

When the alarm event is classified as “Alarm-Artificial-Industrial” or “Alarm-Artificial Medical” and sufficient data collected, an additional algorithm is applied for estimating the potential contaminant type
Am241, Cs137, Co60, Na22 for “Artificial/Industrial”
Tc99, In111, I131, Co57 for “Artificial-Medical”

The classification algorithm selects in real-time the samples of measure, generated by the alarm
for each installed detector/counting channel (channel No1, No2, etc), then analysing their energy distribution based on models developed by Saphymo to then classify accordingly.
All the events, which don’t meet the analysis of the algorithm, are simply reported as “Alarm”.