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    Scale Calibration

    Weighbridges & Industrial Scales

    Weightron is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of weighbridges, weighbridge systems and weighbridge software solutions. We also design and build driver-operated terminals, industrial weighing equipment, weighing scales, weight indicators, load cells, liquid filling systems and process weighing systems.

    Scale Calibration

    There are three main factors affecting the ongoing accuracy of your weighing scale or balance:

    • The build quality of the scale and its components
    • The effectiveness of the calibration procedure
    • The frequency of calibration/ verification*

    Weightron carry out the calibration and verification of scales in line with the UK Weighing Federation’s Calibration Code of Practice. We are also an accredited UKAS calibration laboratory (no. 0780) for weighing scales and balances up to 6000 kg.

    We can offer both one-off visits and ongoing service contracts, covering single and multiple scale installations.

    Please contact us to discuss the costs and benefits of a structured service and maintenance contract for your industrial scales or weighing equipment.

    *Please note there is a fundamental difference between Calibration and Verification. A calibration indicates the error of the instrument and compensates for any lack of trueness by applying a correction. A verification indicates that the measurement error is smaller than the so-called maximum permissible error. For trade approved scales, the maximum permissible error is the largest error allowable in accordance with legislation. No scale adjustments are made during verification.

    Even if your scale does not need to meet weights and measures requirements, it makes economic sense to maintain the accuracy of your scale.

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