Weightron are certified for the self-verification of weighbridges.

Truck driving onto weighbridge for calibration

Contact us for details on our weighbridge calibration and test services for all types/makes of weighbridge – 08000 19 77 19

We operate weighbridge calibration vehicles throughout the UK equipped with 30 tonnes of calibrated weights. This allows us to carry out legal for trade calibrations without having to use external calibration facilities. (Self verification)

Our calibration weights for weighbridge testing are traceable to UK National Standards.

It is very important to have your weighbridge regularly calibrated to ensure ongoing accuracy and performance. Ideally checks should be made every 12 months. Owners of trade weighbridges have a legal responsibility to ensure their weighbridges are maintained within legal tolerances. If they fail to do this they can lay themselves open to prosecution and fines. Trading standards have the power to close down weighbridges that do not comply.

It is also important to remember that you must have your weighbridge re-tested (re-verified) if you replace critical components such as load cells. Any replacement load cells must also be ones approved by the relevant authorities for a particular weighbridge design/make.

Also remember that inaccurate weighing can lead to inadvertent overloading of your vehicles leaving you open to prosecution. A brief overview of the consequences of  vehicle overloading  can be downloaded here.

Simple preventative maintenance steps can ensure weighbridges continue to perform within tolerance. Details can be found in our preventative maintenance guidelines for weighbridge operators.

Approval for Self-verification is granted by a notified body to a manufacturer with an appropriate quality system in place. The system is based upon the application of Quality Assurance techniques (ISO 9000) and is subject to stringent safeguards. Manufacturers, installers and repairers seeking to become Approved Verifiers under the 1985 Act must apply directly to NMO. An approval route is available by means of a direct Quality Assurance Audit from NMO, or as part of an accredited ISO 9000 Quality System, followed by formal approval by the Secretary of State.

Weightron carry out calibrations in accordance with the UK Weighing Federation’s Code of Practice. A full copy is available in our Technical Weighing documents download section.

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