The Eurodeck CC pour-on-site concrete weighbridge is ideal for a wide range of applications, providing a robust, maintenance free, weighing deck.

  • Concrete weighbridge in ground

The weight of the steel deck framework used to retain the ready mixed concrete is less than the equivalent full steel weighbridge and therefore the Eurodeck CC structure is relatively easy to manoeuvre into position, without the need for heavy duty cranes.

This steel frame (complete with reinforcing) is installed on site with dummy load cells and then in-filled with ready-mixed concrete. When this has cured, the stainless steel fully weld-sealed CPD digital or CPR analogue load cells are fitted in place of the dummies and the system calibrated. Such ‘pour on site’ installations reduce the overall transportation carbon footprint and on site craneage requirements. The non-slip finish provides an excellent skid resistant surface.

This design of weighbridge is ideal for indoor installations where access is restricted for cranes. The Eurodeck CC can be supplied in custom sizes (imperial and metric) to be fitted into existing weighbridge pits.

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