The DD2050 colour touch screen driver-operated terminal provides unrivalled user flexibility and system integration for a wide range of weighbridge applications.

  • Man driving weighbridge through driver terminal

Unmanned weighbridge operation – control at your fingertips

The DD2050 colour touch screen weighbridge driver terminal has been specifically designed for unmanned weighbridge installations. This innovative and versatile instrument provides unrivalled user flexibility and system integration.  The driver interface guides drivers through the weighing process. It can be used for both single and double weighing applications.

Installations featuring DD2050 terminals at each end of a weighbridge offer the optimum weighing versatility. Twin height terminal installations are ideal when both lorries and vans/cars use the weighbridge.

DD2050 and Winweigh software – a winning combination for weighbridge systems

The true power of this weighbridge driver terminal can be realised when it is used in combination with our Winweigh software. Complete weighbridge systems can include vehicle recognition systems, ANPR number plate cameras, traffic lights, large digital displays, card readers/swallowers, radiation detection systems and traffic control barriers.

DD2050 Terminal features include:

  • Fully configurable colour screen that can be easily read even in bright sunlight
  • Easy to use pictograms
  • Robust colour touch screen technology
  • Range of smart access technologies
  • Read/write RFID, magnetic etc
  • Ethernet Intercom
  • 1D & 2D barcode readers
  • Optional voice activation feature
  • Removes need for local PC
  • Vehicle management capabilities
  • Lockable cabinet for security
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