Weightron Bilanciai’s Eurodeck is the UK’s leading steel weighbridge design and has built an enviable reputation for performance and long term reliability in the harshest of operating environments.

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Eurodeck weighbridge – world leading design – pit and surface weighbridges

The Eurodeck weighbridge construction features robust steel beams in line with traffic flow and a durbar steel plate skid-resistant deck. The low profile, modular design offers unrivalled manufacturing versatility in terms of weighbridge length, width and capacity.

A key competitive advantage of the Eurodeck weighbridge is that all critical measuring chain components, including: load cells, weight instrumentation and weighbridge software are designed and manufactured by the Bilanciai Group. This ensures optimal performance, reliability and integration for you the user.

The Eurodeck weighbridge is available in both surface and pit mount designs. Key features include:

  • Low profile deck design – only 400 mm high
  • Driver-operated versions
  • Guide rails standard on surface models
  • Optional steel ramps
  • Modular construction
  • Non-standard widths & lengths up to 150 t
  • Special paint / galvanised finishes
  • Multi-range – high accuracy versions
  • ATEX certified version for hazardous areas
  • Wide range of weighbridge peripherals

The Eurodeck weighbridge can be supplied with either analogue (CPR) or digital (CPD) stainless steel canister load cells (C3, C4 and C5 accuracy).

These meet IP69K sealing standards and are fitted with rodent proof cable and built-in lightning protection. This level of sealing ensures reliability for these key components, meaning your weighbridge will continue to do what it is designed for – accurate weighing day in day out.

Multi-range versions are also available for use under specified conditions. Multi-range weighbridges usually have two distinct measuring ranges with different approved scale increments. The display range is decided automatically by the applied load. For example, a 50,000 kg weighbridge may display in 10 kg steps up to 25000 kg and then in 20 kg steps above this. This allows smaller vehicles to be weighed on a normal weighbridge with improved accuracy. 

The go-anywhere weighbridge

The modular construction makes the Eurodeck ideal for export markets. The weighbridge sections, load cells and instrumentation fit inside a standard shipping container. Only one engineer, with support from on-site local engineers, is needed to install the weighbridge.

Even on sloping ground

The Eurodeck weighbridge can be installed on sloping ground up to 1:20. Special load cell mounting assemblies ensure the weighbridge deck is securely mounted whilst meeting weights and measures requirements. This technology reduces civil engineering costs.

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