The Titan’s robust weighbridge design has an excellent reputation for durability and accuracy.

  • Blue weighbridge on floor surround by sand

Robust weighbridge for reliable, high-capacity vehicle weighing

The robust Titan weighbridge has a fully welded drive-through steel structure, designed to withstand very high concentrated loads and continual use, making it ideal for harsh working environments in steel manufacture, quarrying, mining, construction sites, ports and terminals.

The varying concentration of lateral steel beams along the length of the weighbridge deck takes into account high loading areas and the over-sized longitudinal beams are specified for minimum deflection along the standard 18 metre length. A range of bespoke capacities, lengths and widths is available to order.

The Titan is also suitable for short term portable applications where the use of special load cell mount assemblies and steel ramps provide a low profile solution for temporary installations.

These robust weighbridges can be fitted with Weightron’s CPR (analogue) or CPD (digital) fully welded stainless steel canister load cells and mounting assemblies, The load cell assembly is designed to optimise load introduction and prevent load cell damage, even under heavy braking conditions. The compact format of the CPR/CPD  provides a number of important technical advantages over other weighbridge load cell designs, especially more cumbersome beam cells and weighing bars.

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