Weightron Bilanciai have developed patent-pending technology that allows their CPR-M and CPD-M stainless steel canister load cells to be fitted to Avery Weigh-tronix Bridgemont weighbridges in place of the existing Weigh Bar load cells.

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The mechanical conversion process is extremely straightforward and does not require the weighbridge to be removed from site.

Weigh Bars have proved to be unreliable in some harsh applications, resulting in expensive downtime and high weighbridge re-verification costs for customers. The design is based on out-dated bending beam technology and critical component sealing is achieved via flexible potting compound. The legal for trade version is constructed from painted tool steel, making it prone to corrosion.

By comparison the compact CPR-M (analogue) and CPD-M (digital) load cells feature a fully weld-sealed stainless steel construction with a glass-to-metal cable entry seal. These design features ensure IP69K sealing and optimum long-term reliability.  IP69K is the ultimate sealing standard for load cells, demonstrating that they can withstand high-pressure steam cleaning in line with the stringent test specification set out in the German DIN 40 050-9 standard.*

The special self-restoring mounting assembly at the heart of Weightron’s Weigh Bar conversion technology fits within the existing Bridgemont weighbridge mounting envelope. The self-restoring design ensures optimum load introduction to the load cells under all operational conditions. The complete conversion can usually be carried out in less than 48 hours with the weighbridge deck still in situ. The digital CPD-M load cell technology also offers a number of additional advantages and allows weighbridge operators to benefit from the latest touch screen weight terminal technology and software.


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* The DIN 40 050-9 standard extends the IEC 60529 sealing system and was initially developed for road vehicles, especially those that need regular intensive cleaning such as dump trucks, cement mixers and road sweepers. The IP 69K test specification specifies a spray nozzle that is fed with 80°C water at a pressure of 80–100 bar with a flow rate of 14–16 L/min. The nozzle is held 10–15 cm from the tested device at angles of 0°, 30°, 60° and 90° for 30 seconds each, whilst the specimen is slowly rotated.

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