Our products include weights and measures approved weighing scales (EN45501) and hazardous area scales (Ex). Industrial scales can be supplied with a range of integral weight indicators or stand-alone weighing instruments that can be wall or desk mounted.

Industrial weighing scales play an important role in a diverse range of industry sectors – from food to pharmaceutical – from engineering to aerospace, providing essential weighing information for fiscal, legislative and operational purposes. Products range from laboratory scales with capacities of less than 1 kg up to large platform floor scales and crane scales with capacities of 10 tonnes or more.

Weights and measures approval

Industrial weighing can be divided into weights and measures approved scales (trade scales) and non-approved scales. The choice will depend on a number of factors. Applications may involve either static scales (non-automatic weighing instruments or NAWI) and/or mobile scales.

Weightron can advise on the best type of scale for your application taking into account the product(s) to weighed, the operating environment,  legislative requirements and budget.

Non-automatic weighing equipment

Non-automatic weighing equipment  used for commercial transactions must be accurate and approved for trade use. Non-automatic weighing instruments (those that require an operator to place and/or remove the items being weighed from the scale pan) are either passed as fit for trade use by an inspector of weights and measures or an approved qualifier (a person who is officially authorised to carry out the same qualification duty of an inspector).

The inspector or approved qualifier checks that the equipment is suitable for its intended purpose and that it is sufficiently accurate. Such equipment may bear the crown stamp for existing equipment still in use or, for all new equipment, the European approval stickers.  Most new designs of electronic scales do not have to be ‘stamped’ by an inspector. Instead, they will have to bear a green sticker with the letter ‘M’ on it in black, together with the approved qualifier’s identification sticker and other markings, including the ‘CE’ mark Weightron are certified as an approved qualifier for their range of industrial non-automatic weighing scales and weighbridges.

Environmental compatibility

Environmental operating conditions for industrial scales can vary considerably with scales operating in laboratories, warehouses, food production, ATEX hazardous areas, general manufacturing, engineering, transportation, bulk material processing and chemical plants. Weightron has extensive experience in industrial weighing and can help you choose exactly the right scale for your application. These include stainless steel wash-down scales and hazardous area certified scales.

Our range of industrial scale types include:

  • Bench scales
  • Floor scales
  • Laboratory scales
  • Counting scales
  • Recipe scales
  • Medical scales
  • Pallet scales
  • Forklift scales
  • Crane scales
  • Belt scales
  • Loss in weight scales
  • Pallet truck scales
  • Check-weighing scales
  • Overhead track scales