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Watchdog – The Lack of Recycling of Plastic Coffee Shop Cups

Watchdog – The Lack of Recycling of Plastic Coffee Shop Cups

There are 37,000 one-use plastic cups being used each day in the UK – perhaps this is surprising to you, perhaps it isn’t, but what is surprising is that most coffee shops won’t recycle them. A hefty percentage of them go straight into bins and onto landfill – they are not being recycled! What should we do about our plastic coffee cups? Weightron are here to shed more light on this topic…

recycle coffee cups


High street coffee shops are sending thousands to landfill

Starbucks, Costa and Caffè Nero make a lot of sound about recycling paper cups but when it comes to plastic cups, they’re silent. 


Watchdog found that these high street coffee shops suggested that they would recycle the plastic cup if a customer were to hand over the empty container but who has ever heard of that? This is not common knowledge, even amongst the most regular coffee shop-goer. 


Some of these coffee shops tried to suggest that their bins are sifted through at the end of the day and separated into landfill and recycling, but is this true? If it was, surely we would know about this, as this is much more effort than simply having a separate bin! That wasn’t said in all shops either; not all staff could say whether or not the products were recyclable in the first place.


What can be done? 

Since companies are chucking everything into one bin, what are the options for encouraging better waste management? Here at Weightron we offer one such option: an itemised waste management system. This allows us to provide an effective system to waste management companies which in turn could enable, for example, coffee shops to control and reduce the waste that they produce.

How it works is that a coffee shop would dispose of its waste as usual, then the waste management providers will take away the bins to the local waste compound where the bins will be weighed, here they can track what these companies dispose of. Each bin is electronically tagged and this records the client’s ID and the type of waste, making these high street coffee shops responsible and aware of the waste that they produce; the companies are charged more for unsorted waste, meaning they are held responsible for their recycling or lack of it – the better you recycle the more money the company saves.  



Why turn to waste management segregation?

Companies can see how much of their waste is going to landfill and how much is being recycled. This encourages companies to be transparent as it helps them to save time and money.

This method can be used in large retail buildings where bins are shared and it’s a great way to make sure that each company within the building does their bit. There’s bound to be someone who puts something in the wrong bin and the best way to make sure that recyclable material is really recycled is to turn to professional waste management segregation. 


Our methods have been tried and tested, as we already work with several large multi-tenant facilities in London who manage several enterprises under the same roof. Our effective itemised waste management systems allows a precise and accurate break down of the waste output from each occupant, which means their invoices are tailored exactly to help save time and money. Recycling is incredibly important, especially for corporate businesses that produce tonnes of waste – so get in touch and let’s work together to help the environment. 



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