Weighbridges represent a significant investment and, with regular servicing and maintenance, should provide reliable service for at least 10 years or more. However the data now required from today’s weighbridges has changed considerably over the past five years and this can make older instrument technology outdated, even though the weighbridge structure itself is sound. If […]

Today weighbridges (truck scales in the US) are used in every conceivable industry sector, providing essential weight data for the movement, control, processing and sale of goods. In essence, weighbridges are very large platform scales, either mounted above ground (surface weighbridges) or below (pit weighbridges) Background Weighbridges have been used in the UK for centuries. […]

Weightron’s Safeweigh Radiation Detection system is already providing essential protection and ‘peace of mind’ for companies across a broad spectrum of industries where material is recycled, re-processed or incinerated. We have a particular focus on radiation detection for scrap metal yards, scrap metal merchants, metal recyclers, steel plants and other metal recycling entities. As the […]

A weighbridge is a long term investment deserving in-depth consideration before making the final purchasing choice. Cost is always an issue, but only choosing on price will almost certainly lead to problems. So what are the key factors that should be considered? Weightron Bilanciai’s Sales Director Emlyn Roberts looks at the ten most important factors. […]

The continuing storms have caused extensive flooding in many areas of the UK. If your weighbridge has been submerged at any time then it’s vital to have it checked out to prevent future problems occurring. This is especially important for pit weighbridges. Junction boxes, cabling, load cells and mounting assemblies can be particularly vulnerable to flooding, especially if […]

A new amendment to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention is due to enter into force in July 2016. In brief this new convention dictates that it is the shipper’s responsibility to submit the verified gross weight of containers before loading on to the ship. This verified gross weight is an additional requirement […]

Weighbridges play an important role in ensuring vehicles are not overloaded. Weighbridges help prevent vehicle overloading. For accurate vehicle weighing, It is essential that your weighbridge is kept in tip-top condition through regular preventative maintenance, servicing and calibration. The effects of overloading a vehicle 1) It makes the vehicle less stable, difficult to steer and take […]

Specialist weighing equipment supplied by Weightron Bilanciai is playing a small, yet vital role in the exciting BLOODHOUND SSC land speed record project. Product sponsors Weightron have supplied four ultra-low profile wheel weighing scales and instrumentation, which is being used to weigh the assembled BLOODHOUND car for the first time. Knowing the accurate weight of […]

Accurate weight data collection is a vital function within the recycling, anaerobic digestion and energy from waste industries, with weighbridge management systems playing a pivotal role in providing this essential information.